Undergraduate Courses – CSE


This course seeks to prepare administrators with analytical and entrepreneurial skills, who are also able to have a systemic view of organizations, in order to become agents of social transformation keeping up with present and future collective responsibility and ethics.

Periods: Morning or Evening

Accounting Sciences

The Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences, which qualifies an accountant, aims to promote the individual’s education as a professional in the private and public management field, and to complement his or her socialization as a Brazilian citizen committed to economic and social development in the modern world.

Periods: Morning or Evening


The course in Economics, which aims to train economists, is designed to create a solid developmental mentality in the field of research and teaching, capable of molding the professional to realistic and valid actions in the Brazilian economic development process.

Periods: Morning or Evening

Social Work

This course promotes the cognizance of critical-scientific knowledge, based on a methodology built on critical social theory, destined to subsidize the analysis of social reality and historical processes, articulating theoretical-methodological, ethical-political, and technical-operational knowledge, relating them to social demands and needs for the formulation of professional answers.

Periods: Morning or Evening

International Relations

The course creates technical competence in various fields, with emphasis on aspects related to economic-international relations. Such emphasis is based on the growing insertion of the Brazilian economy in the international scenario and on the specific characteristics of the state of Santa Catarina, besides its privileged location in the largest Brazilian regional integration process, that is, Mercosul.

Periods: Afternoon

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