Admission to CSE courses can take place in the following ways:

Brazilian Entrance Exam (Vestibular)

Unified Selection System – SISU

Transfers and Returns

International Agreements

There are also ways to take course subjects as a special student:

– Isolated Subject: once the enrollment process for regular students is over, the remaining vacancies in subjects can be filled by students regularly enrolled in UFSC undergraduate courses or by external candidates, who will attend them as special students in isolated subjects or as student-listeners, to complement or update their knowledge;

– Exchange Programs: foreign students can also take courses through an exchange process regulated by the UFSC’s International Relations Office;

– Academic mobility: Finally, students from other federal higher education institutions can study up to two terms at UFSC, as defined in the Andifes Student Mobility Program.

Other questions can be checked on the UFSC entry FAQ page.

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