Solidarity Actions Committee (CAS)


The Solidarity Actions Committee of the Social and Economic Sciences Center of the Federal University of Santa Catarina – CAS/CSE/UFSC, was instituted through the Ordinance nº 044/CSE/2020, on 25th may, 2020.

The CAS was created with the objective of developing actions to assist students and outsourced employees of the CSE and, exceptionally, people from the community, who are experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committee integrates teaching staff, technical-administrative staff, and students of the CSE/UFSC. It holds monthly meetings and in order to optimize its activities, it has collectively built a Strategic Operational Plan (PEO), available at the following link.

The committee holds periodic campaigns to collect donations through social networks (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, emails), etc.

To request or make donations, please contact us.

WhatsApp: 48 3721-6673
Instagram: comissaosolidaria
Facebook: @Comissaosolidaria

Any help is welcome at this time.


Profª Drª Maria Denize Henrique Casagrande – Deputy Director of the CSE
President of the Solidarity Actions Committee – CAS/CSE

CAS – Documents

CAS – Accountability

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