History of the CSE

The Social and Economic Sciences Center is one of the oldest of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, having being born out of the College of Economic Sciences and the old Course in Administration and Finance. At first, not all courses were located at the Trindade campus, but this is a reality that changed along the decades and through events like the University Reform, whose start in the UFSC goes back to 1969.

Through the Reform, existing colleges started to be defined in departments and courses, taking part of their autonomy and giving opening to a process of integration between alike areas of the Applied Social Sciences. As such, the old College of Economic Sciences was extinguished to give space for the courses of Economics, Administration and Accounting Sciences. These would form the Social and Economic Sciences Center, along with the course in Law, which would later have its own place in the Center of Juridical Sciences. Following came the incorporation of the course in Social Work, which also counted with its own college.

As such, it is in the 70s that the CSE is formed as a result of the University Reform. Along the next decades, considerable transformations made part of the expansion processes by which the center’s courses underwent. This includes the creation of undergraduate programs, the establishing of specialization courses connected to the areas of knowledge of the centers, and growing pursuit of faculty for the academic broadening within national and foreign institutions. This is also the moment where student initiatives in the university are born, like junior companies, including the one today known as Ação Júnior that is part of the CSE.

In the first decade of the 2000s, the academic expansion of the center was still ongoing. There were new graduate programs created and more specialization courses. An important mark is the founding of the undergraduate course in International Relations, in 2008, so that two years later a master’s course would be approved in the same area.

Central Archive of the UFSC
UFSC 60 Years

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