Private Graduation Ceremony

Step 1: Filling the Private Graduation Ceremony Application

The interested student must fill the Private Graduation Ceremony Application, available at, and turn in the document correctly signed to the Course Coordination.

Important: As dictated by art. 23 of the Normative Resolution n° 01/CEG/2011, the Private Graduation Ceremony may take place only in exceptional circumstances where the student is unable to attend the official grade bestowal solemnity, such as:

  • Approval in Graduation Programs – Masters or Doctorate;
  • Approval in Public Tender
  • Job offer (or autonomous work) that demands proof of graduation and/or registry in a Professional Inspection Committee.

The request must be justified, resting with the interested party the responsibility of annexing documentary proof for the given justification, and the exceptional cases, fully justified, shall be analyzed by the Undergraduate Course Coordinations and the CSE Directorate.

Step 2: Analysis and Process Continuity

After receiving the request, the course coordination will analyze the justifications presented by the student, along with the annexed documentation.

Should the request be approved, the course coordination must annex the Private Graduation Ceremony Application presented by the student to the “Degree Registry” process and forward the Digital Process to the Directorate of the Social and Economical Sciences Center through SPA.

If the request is denied, the Course Coordination must communicate the inconsistencies to the student, as well as the impossibility of conducting the private ceremony.

Step 3: Preparation and Completion of the Ceremony

After receiving the Process through SPA, the CSE Directorate will start the preparations for the private graduation ceremony and will contact the student and the integrated undergraduate office to inform them of the ceremony’s date.

Important: The private graduation ceremonies always take place at the second and last Fridays of every month due to the needed preparation by the Directorate’s Office and the CSE Directors.

In the day prior to the scheduled date, the student will receive:

  1. the link to the virtual ceremony, with the presence of the graduates, the Director and/or the Deputy Director of the CSE and a representative of the CSE offices;
  2. the link to the livestream on CSE’s official Youtube channel, so your guests may be able to watch the ceremony;
  3. the course’s oath, to be read by the graduate during the ceremony.

Important: The graduate must enter the virtual meeting room 15 minutes before the scheduled time in order to conduct the necessary tests and settings for the ceremony’s execution.

Step 4: Last Developments after the Ceremony

After the event, the Directorate of the Social and Economic Sciences Center wil be tasked with preparing the Note of Private Graduation, annex it to the process and, afterwards, forwarding it to the DIERD/DAE for follow-through.


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